I’ve been lucky to do a lot of speaking for Museum Hack recently. Conference organizers often ask me for speaker recommendations. I asked my network of friends on Facebook, and here are some suggestions that I got back.

Nick’s speaker suggestions:

Nathan Adkisson

Nathan is Director of Strategy and Associate Creative Director at Local Projects. Local Projects is an architecture, media and technology studio. They are on a mission to push the boundaries of human experience.

Scott Wiener

He runs a company in NY called Scott’s Pizza Tour. It is my favorite tour, besides Museum Hack, in the world.

Jen Brown

She does improvisation and works in museums with autistic children.

Cesar Kuriyama

Cesar on stage at TED talking about his 1 Second Everyday app

Cesar on stage at TED talking about his 1 Second Everyday app

Has an App called “1 Second Every Day” and has spoken at TED.


He’s a world traveler, author, and entrepreneur. Also one of my best friends.

Gillian Morris

She’s spoken at Skift and a bunch of other spots.

Bilal Ghalib

My friend Bilal, quick image search for him

My friend Bilal, quick image search for him

Another one of my best friends. I heard him speak at INK in 2012.

From my friends network:

Jared Shahid

His background is in the speaking world and is always in the know of who could be a good fit — he’ll probably have a couple ideas.

Evelyne White

She’s the CEO of BookaLokal + SixPlus. HBS. Gives presentations all over the world.

Zim Ugochukwu

Referred to me from Halle Tecco. Zim runs…. (about her company) https://www.facebook.com/zim.ugochukwu/about

Jeremy Silverman

Design Hotels / Architect extraordinaire

Albert Podell

Via Brad Vogel, who said: “Albert Podell, perhaps? He spoke to our Circumnavigators Club recently and was very well received.”

Dan Pierson

Thanks Sarah! Hey Nick, fellow Awesome NYC grantee (Subway Sets), now founder of SlingShot. Flights (making frequent flyer travel dead simple). Sounds like an awesome opp, would love to hear more.

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

“I had a great speech on how to hack your miles card, but it’s outdated now. Still, I can do a speech on how to identify travel trends and avoid them, why the best hotels are for old people, and when you should decide to go sailing for a few days.”

Kelsey Tonner

I’m speaking at 3-4 conferences this coming year – all related to travel and tourism! Would love to be introduced and perhaps share our vision at Be a Better Guide!

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