[VIDEO] Mexico City Segway Tour

Last updated: August 2, 2020

While visiting Mexico City, I took an awesome Segway tour through the city.

Video Transcription

Starting the tour

Hello from the Segway tour here in Mexico City.   I signed up to get a tour of the central historic district.  There’s my ride.

Got the safety gear on.  It turned out to be a private tour and nobody else signed up so just me on this.  I am riding around Mexico City right now and the Palacio is right behind me.

What we saw

I like big cities and the architecture.  Look at the concrete and the wood.  That contrast!

Here’s a ginormous Christmas tree.

This was one of my favorite scenes. I am just going to leave it for a second.

This guy was my tour guide.  They wouldn’t trust me to ride the Segway. He was great!

They had car wash guys who wash your window for money, but he got pissed when I started to tape him so I turned it off.  These people were having a lot of fun on bikes.

The tour is only offered in Spanish, but I’m gonna try to check it out.  We rode around some other areas.  This was a huge plaza area.  I just enjoyed riding the Segway, seeing the city from this viewpoint.

We are going across a street right now called Reforma Avenue. It is one the longest avenues in all of Mexico City and the tour continues!  This part reminded me of Columbus Circle.  The tour lasted about two hours.   I enjoyed it.  This concludes our private Segway tour , some commentary next.


Alright I am now in a Sandborns Cafe and I want to talk about that Segway tour.  It was so much fun!  I know you are laughing at me.  People were laughing at us on the street, but that’s how it is right?  It looks different.  The future looks different sometimes and I love doing tours with Segways.  Your like a foot taller than everybody else. We see so much cool stuff.

Segways tours, don’t diss it till you try it.


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