[VIDEO] San Miguel de Allende

Last updated: August 8, 2020

I visited this special town about 3 hours outside of Mexico City.  It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for it’s 16th century architecture.  This is my first ever video with a co-host.  I have also included a bunch of photos of the very beautiful city.


My beautiful friend Alejandra Castellanos
My beautiful friend Alejandra Castellanos
The wonderful streets of San Miguel...so colorful!
The wonderful streets of San Miguel…so colorful!


San Miguel
The colorful tile they use everywhere is so amazing!


The Castle at sunset...
The Castle at sunset…

The Castle was so wonderful I had to show you twice!

The Castle was so wonderful I had to show you twice! Here, you can also see the Christmas tree in front.

I found a new job :)
I found a new job :)

Video Transcript

Hello from San Miguel de Allende,  a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I’m here visiting with….  Hello, I’m Alejandra Castellanos from Bogota, Columbia.

This is her favorite Mezcal and we’re having it together, a shot of it with..what’s on top of it?  Chapulines. Which are crickets!  Oh my gosh!

Okay, as soon as we came out she wanted to get one of these flower crowns. What’s going on here?  They are so beautiful, right?

Feliz navidad!  This is a life size nativity scene.  Try to find Nick alert! Crazy monkey!

Now we went to Consejo Turistico  de San Miguel.   We’re at the tourist desk and we’re going to go ask for a map.   Me das un mapa por favor?  Gracias!

Please tell me where we’re going now.   We are going to the churros.   To the churros?  The churros.  Okay vamos!  Vamos!

There’s a number of stops in San Miguel and they are decorated with beautiful plants.  Oh the sunset is coming, let’s hurry.

Alright, but first I want to try this thing out.   Aieee!

We are walking through the town.  We walked a lot to get all the way to the top of the hill for…for our monkey to see the last sun of the year.  Here goes!   Adios el sol!

This city’s famous because it’s a great example….16th century Baroque architecture.  This is the Castle at night.

This concludes my visit to San Miguel de Allende.  Heading back to Mexico City now.  Thank you for watching!

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