New Normandie Panel Discovered

I love the Normandie panels and am on a mission to track them all down. So I was thrilled to receive this message from Thomas O. in Salt Lake City:

From: Thomas O.
Subject: Normandy Panel

Hello Nick, I may have one of those panels in my garage, do you want me to send a picture? Been in there for years, my uncle collected art back in day, are there panels out in public?

Here is the first picture he sent.

A new Normandie panel has been found

Normandie panel by Jean Dupas from Thomas O.

Clearly, this is a panel from the Normandie ship as designed by Jean Dupas and executed by Charles Champigneulle!

More Pictures

From Thomas: “Here are a few more pics. It measures 49” x 30”, as you can see has 2 small issues with one circular crack along with small crack on other side.”

Close-up of bottom left panel corner

Close-up of bottom left panel corner

Another close-up image of the Normandie panel

Another close-up image of the Normandie panel

Are you interested in this piece and want to contact Thomas? Do you have a Normandie panel, or need help with identification? Email me!

Getting this email made me feel validated for all the work put into my page about the ship, Dupas, and tracking the panels across the world. I hope that a collector will contact me and ask to purchase the works from Thomas, or that another panel owner will email me to assist with identification.

I am definitely an amateur here. I do not know how many panels in total there are, or how much each one might be worth. Do you know these things? Please email me: so that I can share.

For more information, see my comprehensive Normandie panels page from the ship.



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