[VIDEO] Meow Wolf: My Favorites

What do Game of Thrones, hot air balloons, and secret passageways all have in common?

Meow Wolf is an explorable, immersive artist studio and installation space located in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

Video: Secret Passageway


Video not shown above? Watch it here:

Favorite Pictures

My favorite! 80s chic sexy wall mural inside the free video game arcade.
Cat with tongue! I really liked this.
I love this guy! He wasn’t really scary. He’s featured in my video. A friendly giant.

Photos of the Space

The space used to be a bowling alley, and George R. R. Martin from Game of Thrones insisted they keep the bowling pin outside.
The cafe area inside of the main entrance to Meow Wolf.
Interior of the immersive space. It is HUGE and this is just one small part that you can walk around and explore.
One of my favorite interior spaces: a kitchen from a mobile camper unit. It felt very comfortable. I’d like to sit here with friends.
LED light bars and metal pipes. Nice space, it felt industrial and futuristic.

Photos: More Favorite Art Inside

In addition to the immersive space, there is a lot of art on the walls. These are some of my favorites.

I loved this so much, I’m including another pic. It just feels FUN.
Wide view of a hallway corner gallery filled with interesting objects inside Meow Wolf. This was the only part that looked like a traditional museum.
Closeup part of an art gallery tucked away, it looked like a museum. A cabinet of curiosities!
This is one of 4 dogs in a room. Each has motion sensors (I think?) and controls that change the booming, fun audio inside.
Looking through the door inside the friendly monster room. He is my friend.
Simple but nice. On a stairway wall, painted. I like this a lot.
Part of some video art, with audio, playing on a screen inside.
A sculpture inside of a stairwell within the immersive space. I like the colors.
This is sort of haunting, right? I like the art style. Part of a large wall with a few other portraits in the same style.
Mixed objects, straight lines, bold colors. All things I like.
Still from some video art. The boy was talking to a man wearing a spacesuit exploring the galleries. Very well done with high production quality.

Game of Thrones Connection

George R. R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones books, is a major funder of the Meow Wolf artist collective. He helped purchase the bowling alley that their installation is now housed in. This is a way to keep young people in Santa Fe and attract new talent to the city.

More Information


I loved this place. I would go back in a heartbeat.

I recommend it to everyone passing through Santa Fe. It is definitely worth a trip if you’re in Albuquerque, too.

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