Today I woke up to an orchestra sunrise.

Look inside an 8+ hour “SLEEP” concert by Max Richter at Spring Studios in New York City.

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Video Transcript

I’m walking inside a large warehouse in Soho filled with hundreds of empty beds. Where am I?

Welcome. I was scrolling Facebook and I saw that this artist I Iiked was having a live eight hour concert. Max Richter has this thing called Sleep. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. I called my friends Danielle and Jake and we just went and signed up to it. It was like $300 per ticket, but when we got there it was amazing.

Tons of beds, chill lighting. I borrowed this from someone on Instagram, I forget who!

Beautyrest sponsored all of these beds. We had so much fun. We rushed through the doors and picked out our spot right near the front stage. Alright I’m here with Danielle and we just changed into our pajamas. Danielle, show them your great outfit. It looks so good. Oh my gosh, pajamas and then mine, I just have my “Museums Are Fucking Awesome” shirt.

Looking at a stage, piano player is on the left, violins etc on the right, darkly lit

This was my view most of the night. We slept close to the stage.

We tucked into bed as they began to fill the stage. They made one important announcement which was helpful. “Feel free if someone is snoring very loud to just touch them and gently wake them up.” And around 10:30 they started to play. It was beautiful music you could hear in the background. I actually didn’t sleep that well and I got up a couple of times and I remember coming back into the space and it was just a magical site to see. I also remember that getting ready for it, it felt like a slumber party. Everybody was in such a good mood.

Attractive caucasian male in mid-30s sits on edge of bed, ready for adventure

Me, in a very good mood, ready for the slumber party. Photo by Danielle Strle

And then suddenly it was the morning. We woke up. I guess I must have fallen asleep and everybody started waking up around the same time as they woke us up to music. This was by far the longest concert I’ve ever been to. It was definitely an experience that I don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon. Check out the album before you go to sleep tonight.

Three people in a room with a bunch of beds in SoHo

Danielle, me, and Jake Lodwick at the SLEEP concert in NYC

Bonus fun facts: These are Max’s music sheets that he would throw down on the ground. Eight hours worth of music. Wow. And then these are the lights that are at the front of the stage. Phillips makes the hardware. They don’t flicker like this. It’s just the hertz refreshing. The end. Bye bye!

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