I attended a Vistage speech and presentation for CEOs that was given by Hunter Lott. He is a very engaging business presenter.

While this was only a 45 minute sample, I felt like I have a decent understanding of what makes Hunter successful as a keynote speaker.

Hunter Lott on stage with a writing pad behind him

Promotional image for Hunter Lott from the Vistage CEO Mastermind group

Positive Characteristics of Hunter Lott

He exhibited many great characteristics that we see at my company Museum Hack being used to engage the audience. Hunter did these things as a business keynote speaker very well:

  • Uses character voices
  • Animated
  • Loud
  • Moves around, fast-paced
  • Excited
  • Vocal pacing and select word emphasis
  • Not afraid to call people out and poke fun
  • Gets laughs
  • Does improv to riff off of audience answers
  • More voices! Example: Takes the character of a hard-line “old timer” to exemplify the “back in my day” approach to business
  • Intense theatrical performance: Dives into a character, then snaps out of it
  • People remember the stories. He uses stories a lot

Informational Handout

We all received a informative and helpful 10 page packet which I will share a couple of images of here:

Sticker on the back of a man says "Please Sue Me"

Keynote speech handout packet: “Please Sue Me” by Hunter Lott

Leadership model including a pyramid

Leadership Model from Hunter Lott’s handout

List of many sample interview questions

This list of Sample Interview Questions as provided to help us in the hiring process

Videos of Hunter Lott speaking

This video I believe shows off some of Hunter Lott’s speaking skills. He called on me during his speech for the $5,000 bonus question (as seen in the video above of him presenting in Dallas).

More Notes from his Presentation

Don’t think job interview-think job audition.

“Millennials have it figured it out. The best way to get a raise is to quit.”

Action: Take one of your A players out to lunch. Ask them “why are you here?” Find out why they work for you.

Why work here? We will give you the skills to get your next job.

Action: Add testimonials from our team to the jobs page on our website.

Look for the best matched, not just the best qualified.


Hunter Lott was a very engaging, funny and an informative speaker. I especially appreciated that he delivered what is typically a very dry, boring, complicated subject matter in a funny, smart way.

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