[VIDEO] How to Host a Cocktail Party

I love having cocktail parties and meeting new people! Recently I had a cocktail party with some new and some old friends!  Check it out!

Video Transcription

How’s the party going?  Awesome!  Ten out of ten!  Would party again!  High five!

Behind the scenes

This is a behind the scenes look at my cocktail parties.  What it takes…yo that’s me…I host these at my apartment.  I love to have people come over.

Here’s a bunch of my friends.  You know what?  They don’t all know each other.  High fives!  I love high fives.

Notice the name tags.  Sometimes we circle up and we do ice breakers.  It is my favorite part where everyone goes around, says their name, says what they do for work, something they’re excited about and this is helpful because when the groups break up they are so excited to chat about jobs and passions.

We have a lot of fun.  Not everybody knows each other. They are new friends. I love to make new friends with people.

Sometimes we do these little lightening talks, these little ice breaker speeches. We won’t make you do one, I promise.

The reason I do these parties is so that my friends can make new friends and that makes me very very happy.

Thank you for watching!  I hope you come to my next cocktail party. How’d it go?  We have fun?   Wooooooooo!  Jazz hands!

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