[VIDEO] Hardcore Mudd Run with Nina Simon

My friend Nina Simon invited me to do an obstacle course with her.


TRANSCRIPT: This is my friend Nina Simon, she’s the director of a museum in California. Nina invited me to do a mud run. It’s a big obstacle course in a ski hill in Pennsylvania.

There were about 2 dozen different obstacles including running through fire, crawling through muddy gravel underneath barbed wire (by the way, the hardest one, wow), running through a water chute, climbing over big bales of hay, climbing underneath a chain link fence. This was Nina’s favorite, you had to use teamwork. And then picking up a bag like this to carry it all the way up this hill.

I didn’t finish the complete six mile course, but Nina did the 10 mile one. We did this one together. This team had an American flag as one of their members, they passed it along the course.

Here’s a huge haystack, I’m going to try to run up it. (noises of failure)

Nice race and a fun adventure. I would definitely do it again. Maybe with real shorts though, not a bathing suit.

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