Roatan is famous for SCUBA. It is also home to an excellent freediving community.

Sean Naficy took these pictures of me one day as we were diving off the Grand Roatan Resort beach.

Check out his girlfriend’s Instagram @samunderthesea for more freediving pics.

Underwater image with person wearing flippers swimming near coral in Honduras while freediving in Roatan

Me chasing a little school of fish in Roatan, Honduras (July 2019)

Man freediving in Roatan Honduras in the ocean, wearing flippers underwater

This one is my favorite! Thanks Sean for capturing this. Swimming up to a kayak.

Coral reefs and underwater freediver in Roatan, Honduras

I like freediving because it feels like freedom. Fitting, then, that this picture was taken on the 4th of July

Freediving Location in Roatan

We entered the beach right off the Grand Roatan Resort, where I stayed for a few days. I wrote about the resort and SCUBA diving in my notes and photos here: Roatan, Honduras: Pictures and Notes

Satellite image from Google with circled area near the Grand Roatan Resort

The circled area had good depths as the coral reef wall dropped off.

Map of where we went freediving in Roatan

Same location, but just with vector maps.

More Photos

White sand beach with a palm tree, looking out to the ocean

Looking out to the ocean from the Grand Roatan Resort. Directly out is where we went freediving.

Blue ocean, gray rocks, green trees

The rocky edge of West Bay Beach in Roatan. I took this photo with my drone shortly before it crashed on the rocks.

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