[VIDEO] Bone Broth Breakfast Recipe

I’ve been drinking this almost every day for the past few weeks. It tastes warm, rich, and hearty.


It is not my only breakfast. I usually scramble some eggs and spinach an hour or two afterwards.

Video Transcript

Here’s how to make my bone broth breakfast.

Alright, first up is we are going to start with some coconut oil. I’ll scoop it out and add it in.

Then I’m gonna add in some of the Collagen Peptides.  These are supposed to be really good for your skin.

Next I’m going to add some hot water

And then, the bone broth.

I’m going to add the blender blades and then put it on the NutriBullet. And this is my bone broth breakfast.  Look!  Cheers!  Ahh.

More Information

I bought all of this stuff on Amazon, here are the links:

YouTube link here: Bone Broth Recipe

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