This all-bamboo open-air indoor-outdoor room is my new favorite thing.

It is a lounge on the Bambu Indah property near Ubud, Bali.

Special note to the architectural harp in the video, something I’ve never ever seen before.

Exterior view: Entrance

My friend Vanya standing outside.

Special Video Feature

Interior views

Panorama image standing in the center, inside.

Panorama with better light exposure to see the outdoors.

Harp Details

Description says: Minang Harp, by Rudiger Schodel, Aquarius, July 2013.

Another Entrance Picture

Vanya again, different angle with better light standing in front of this great room.

More Information

A great room can relax and inspire.

I will dream about walking barefoot inside, reading books and drinking tea with friends.

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