[VIDEO] Museum Gulbenkian in Lisbon, Portugal

Nick Gray at the Museum Gulbenkian in Lisbon, Portugal

I got to visit the best museum in Portugal and it was awesome! You have to check it out!

Video Tour the Museum Gulbenkian

The best museum in all of Portugal is in this garden about five minutes north.

The Museum Gulbenkian – spoiler alert: they have Egyptian stuff, I love Egyptian stuff. They also have Greco-Roman art. This is an encyclopedic collection of treasures. Whoa!! Everywhere you turn, like these Chinese porcelain.

Just some of the Chinese porcelain they had

This guy collected so many beautiful objects. Rembrandts, art, and sculpture, and clocks, all during his travels.

One of many of the clocks he collected in his travels

Let’s sit down and acknowledge the man who created this.

Calouste Gulbenkian

He was an oil magnate, died in the 1950s. Really was responsible- oh he had this nickname called “Mister Five Percent.” He took five percent of all these oil companies. I love that idea.

Many photos over the years of Calouste Gulbenkian
Loved this nickname

Beautiful Diana and the stag. As I walked around the space, I was inspired. I loved his collection, I loved seeing the stuff – art nouveau.

Diana and the Stag with beautiful light coming into the space

Hello! There is your’s truly. And, I don’t know, it is just cool. You got to check it out. Very close to downtown. And at the end, sign the guestbook. Seems like they love guestbooks in Lisbon. I signed it, I love this place.

BONUS: after you leave, right out in the gardens,  there’s another museum! He’s got a modern collection. Right down this path, you just- Now I’m walking to the modern art museum through the gardens. It really is a cool space in nature. I think you could bring a picnic lunch. And then, here it is, the modern collection I could not wait to explore it. You know, it’s very different. This is modern and contemporary art. I liked some of these pieces. I really liked this one over here. With the colors, and the wood. Wow, great wood.
Really loved this piece!
It is a huge sprawling open space. And it is fun to walk around and enjoy. I liked this- it was one of my favorite pieces. Maybe because of the bold colors. This space is awesome. I highly recommend coming. The Gulbenkian is closed on Tuesdays. They have a cafeteria and a coffee shop. Very good. Extra pastries. Like this for pastries!


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