The brand new Amazon Books opened today in NYC, here is my review (spoiler: I love it)

Video Transcript

I’m here at Amazon’s first bookstore in New York City. Let’s go inside. The first thing that they feature are highly rated books. 4.8 stars and above and most-wished-for. I love this data driven approach towards bubbling the best books to the top. Next up, I found the section of Kindles and they had the Kindle Oasis! I’m lusting for this one. It’s so thin and tiny.

So thin and tiny and awesome!

As you walk around the bookstore you notice that all the books are facing out by their covers which is a really cool way to browse books and they’re sorted. Here’s Business and Money. They’re pictured with…let’s look at “The Everything Store”…this one…great book by the way…beneath it they highlight one of the customer reviews and tell you the average ratings for the book. As I walk around…woah check this out…they’ve got “From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.” The best book about the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Check it out.

Awesome book! You should check it out.

They have the store set up in sections like most books stores. Here is the “Business & Money” section.

Amazon Books…what is the price for these things? There’s no price tags. Amazon Prime members pay the same as you do online. Non Prime members..gotta pay list price. And when you go to the checkout you can just use your Amazon App to pay. No credit card swiping or anything like that. Highly recommended. Come check out Amazon Books in the new Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle. Bonus tip! Here’s how to find it. Find the man statue in the lobby and it’s right up there. Like for books!

So many books, so little time!

YouTube: New Amazon Books Store in NYC

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