Kyrgyzstan Travel Videos

I went to Kyrgyzstan in August 2019 with some friends. These are my three favorite videos that I made during our trip.

Yurts at Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan

YouTube: In central Tian Shan of Kyrgyzstan is Song-Kul (Son Kul) Lake at almost 10,000 ft altitude. We did a yurt stay overnight and rode horses near the lake.

Fairytale Canyon, Waterfalls, Eagles

YouTube: This was our first day exploring rural Kyrgyzstan with my friend Aigulya’s group. We saw a mosque, a church, met lots of kids, visited the 7 Bulls viewpoint, and more.

Bishkek City, Wheat drink, Shopping Mall, Driving to Lake Issyk-Kul

YouTube: We landed at the airport near Bishkek on an overnight flight from Istanbul. Me, Tynan, Theresa, and Mike met our driver at the airport. We changed money to get local currency then tried this special wheat drink. After that we drove to Lake Issyk-Kul to meet our friend Aigulya at the lake house her family has. I jumped in the cold water and we ate some delicious food.

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