History of The Standard East Village Hotel

I recently stayed at The Standard East Village Hotel in New York City. This is one of my favorite hotel brands. Related: see my review of The Standard High Line.

But I felt as if I was let down by The Standard East Village. The lobby was great, but the rooms seemed off-brand. Different from all the others I have stayed at (LA, Miami, High Line). I decided to do some research into how this location was acquired by The Standard.

the standard has an arresting outline The Standard East Village Hotel is located off Cooper Square in NYC.


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What happened to the Forbes Galleries?

The Forbes Gallery which was located on Fifth Avenue between 12th and 13th St. in Greenwich Village went dark in November 2014. Then Forbes sold the building to NYU. I want to know: what happened to the art in the galleries?

UPDATE MAY 2017: Found them!! Coming up for auction, GREAT article in the NYT here

Exterior of building Now closed, the Forbes Galleries on 5th Avenue were on the ground floor of the Forbes Magazine building


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How to Play Tennis in Grand Central

Last week, I went to Grand Central Station in New York City. I entered via the old Campbell Apartment entrance, I took the elevator to the 4th floor, and I played some tennis.

Wait, what?

Tennis courts are located on the 4th floor of the station, around where it says "tennis" in the photo. Courts are located here on the 4th floor.

Vanderbilt Tennis Club, inside Grand Central Terminal, has multiple courts. The secret club has 1 main court and 2 practice half-courts.

Keep reading to learn more about my first experience playing tennis at Vanderbilt Tennis Club, the super-secret tennis court inside Grand Central Terminal. I’ll even tell you how you can get 30 minutes of court time — free thanks to a postcard I found in the lobby.


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Visit to Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC

I met Mark Fisher at a birthday party recently. His company sounded cool, so I went to visit.

When you call Mark Fisher Fitness late at night and nobody answers the phone, you’re presented with a standard menu tree:

  • Press 1 for Sales,
  • Press 2 for Membership,
  • Press 8 to enter a magical world where cookies have no calories.

Counter-culture audience marketing is strong here! I love it Counter-culture audience marketing is strong here! I love it


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