Recently I was bombarded by emails from a PAC called Stop Republicans. They used incredibly aggressive email tactics, such as:

  • Changing the From: name on every message
  • Customizing the Subject: field with my name and zip code
  • Using lots of personalization throughout the email
  • Sending an average of four emails per day

These types of marketing messages are typically only seen in spam-type systems, or in direct mail offers like scam credit cards.

So I began to wonder: Is the Stop Republicans PAC a scam?

This post will share some of their email copy, what I know about the organization, and hopefully answer that question.

History of Stop Republicans

Harry Pascal is the Founder of Progressive Turnout Project and of Stop Republicans. The organization is based in Chicago, Illinois and lists their FEC Committee ID as C00633404.

Funding Sources

Based on data from, the Stop Republicans PAC has received almost $12 million for the 2020 election cycle. I expected their donor list to include a large number of expensive deposits. But their 2020 Contributors list shows the largest amounts at $5,000 from several individuals.

Most of their funding is being spent on Facebook digital advertising. As of February 2020, they reported that they had spent $6.5 million on digital ads.

Email Newsletters

I think this is where Stop Republicans really shines.

Individual Emails

Look at some of these to get an idea for their design style. They also use a lot of surveys:

screenshot of an email with yellow highlights that starts by saying: BREAKING NEWS FROM THE SUPREME COURT

email sent on Friday, June 26 2020 from “1OO,OOO SIGNATURES NEEDED:” with subject: (my full name)

image of Joe Biden, with two buttons to vote for him

sent on Saturday, June 27 2020 with the subject line “◎ 𝐘𝐄𝐒 ◉ 𝐍𝐎: Will you vote for Joe Biden in the General Election?”

Yellow image with a picture of Senator Lindsay Graham and text around it

subject: “we are abandoning South Carolina…” from: “packing up”

perhaps the best subject line: “I hope you have the WORST birthday EVER!” from “dear Donald Trump” (SIC)

Screenshot of an email, headline is highlighted in yellow and says BREAKING: The U.S. Postal Service is

they used my zip code and city/state to build the subject here: “closing 10011 post office – New York, New York” and from: “U.S. Post Office Survey”

I’ve got a TON more great examples as they just keep sending and sending these messages.

Different From: Names, Same Sender

These are a few of the emails I’ve received from Stop Republicans account [email protected]:

List of about 20 emails, showing FROM names and SUBJECT lines, from Stop Republicans addresses

I haven’t unsubscribed yet because I keep being impressed by their copywriting.

Please email me if you’d like me to post more. I could even try to make a table which lists them out by Subject, From: name, and message body.


I don’t think that they are a scam, but I’m still researching this article and this organization.

If you have any information to contribute, please email me and I will update this page.

Twitter complaints:

Bonus: Mayor Pete Ad

Here’s a Facebook or Instagram advertisement that Stop Republicans were running for Mayor Pete:


Stop Republicans PAC seems to have a lot of success running ads that are marketed as “Official Surveys”

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