List of all Superhuman Shortcuts for Email (2020)

I made this page of shortcuts for the Superhuman email app because I searched on Google for this resource and couldn’t find anything easy or nicely formatted.

I’ve use Superhuman on my Mac for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. I also use it on my iPhone and iPad.

Hope this helps you!

Download a pretty PDF of these Superhuman shortcuts here. Updated 2020-07-20

Superhuman Shortcuts for Email

Here is the most up to date list of keyboard shortcuts to help you be more productive and reclaim your email inbox.


Superhuman Command⌘ + K
Select ConversationX
Add to Selectionshift + J (or) shift + K


Mark Done (Archive)E
Mark Not Doneshift + E
Remind Me (Snooze)H
Mark Read or UnreadU
Mark Spam!
Muteshift + M
Unsubscribe⌘ + U


Reply Allenter
Open Links & Attachments⌘ + O
Cycle through Links & Datestab
Expand MessageO
Expand All Messagesshift + O


Add or Remove LabelL
Remove LabelY
Remove Label, Next[
Remove Label, Previous]
Remove All Labelsshift + Y


Toggle Calendar0
Previous Day
Next Day=


Bold⌘ + B
Italics⌘ + I
Underline⌘ + U
Hyperlink⌘ + K
Color⌘ + O
Strikethrough⌘ + shift + X
Numbers⌘ + shift + 7
Bullets⌘ + shift + 8
Quote⌘ + shift + 9
Indent Listtab
Outdent Listshift + tab
Increase Indent⌘ + ]
Decrease Indent⌘ + [


Superhuman Focus→ ← ↑ ↓
Next Splittab
Previous Splitshift + tab
Open Conversationenter
Next/Previous ConversationJ or K
Next/Previous MessageN or P
Scroll Downspace
Scroll Upshift + space
Jump to Top/Bottom⌘ + ↑ or  ⌘ + ↓
New Window⌘ +N
New Tab⌘ + T
Next Tab⌘ + shift + ]
Previous Tab⌘ + shift + [
Switch Tabs⌘ + 1-9
Close Tab⌘ + W
Switch Accountscontrol + 1-9
Increase Font Size⌘ + =
Decrease Font Size⌘ + –


To⌘ + shift + O
Cc⌘ + shift + C
Bcc⌘ + shift + B
From⌘ + shift + F
Edit Subject⌘ + shift + S
Edit Message⌘ + shift + M
Attach⌘ + shift +A
Discard Draft⌘ + shift + ,
Move Contacts to Bcc⌘ + shift + I
Remind Me⌘ + shift + H
Send Later⌘ + shift + L
Use Snippet⌘ + ;
Insert Emoji:smile
Send⌘ + enter
Send & Mark Done⌘ + shift + enter
Instant Send⌘ + shift + Z

Download the nicer-formatted PDF of this list here.

My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command Center in Superhuman: all I have to do is hit CMD+K and the command center pops up immediately giving me a handful of actions to perform. 
  • Snooze or Skip: Often I can go through dozens of emails in just a few minutes without ever touching my mouse, which is pretty great. I can also easily set a certain message to pop back in my inbox at a given time, all with just a few keystrokes. (CTRL + H to snooze)
  • Snippets: I’m obsessed with snippets (⌘ + ;). Mostly I use them for my email signature, but I’ve also used them when talking to investor relations firms if I need to attach an Excel file over and over again.

Download the Superhuman Shortcuts PDF

The current version of this file from Superhuman Support is v4. It was last updated on this blog post on 2020-07-20.

Here’s the official PDF that you can download:

Screenshot showing Superhuman Keyboard Shortcuts v4, Mac Edition
Superhuman Keyboard Shortcuts very large menu of all options in plaintext (updated July 2020)

The July 2020 version of this file is also now available formatted for Dark Mode:

Screenshot showing list of keyboard commands for Superhuman email app, same as above, but with black background and white text
Dark Mode version of Superhuman Keyboard Shortcuts is available on pages 3 and 4 of the PDF (click to download)

Why You Should Learn to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking an hour or two to learn keyboard shortcuts for your favorite apps and software can make a massive difference in your productivity.

From navigating between browser tabs to finding your computer files quickly, keyboard shortcuts can save you a pretty significant amount of time. 

I decided to try out the incredibly popular email product Superhuman mainly for the speed improvements they promised as a result of these hotkeys. While Gmail does allow for certain keyboard shortcuts in their native apps, Superhuman makes it pretty dang easy to go through your inbox at light speed.  


Superhuman is one of my favorite apps I’ve tried in the last few years.

If you’re on Mac or iOS device, I can’t recommend it enough.

Curious about more productivity tips and tricks? Check out my morning routine. It involves a lot of email management.

P.S. If you want to try Superhuman with a paid trial ($30 a month or whatever they charge), just email me and I can send you an invite. This isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t get any commission. I just really like the app.

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