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Last updated: March 27, 2024

Nick’s note: I was invited in late May 2023 to speak to the Connecticut chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). It was so much fun! And I got a great rating. I made this page to share with others who might want to hire me.

Hello to EO Learning Chairs and Chapter Managers!

My name is Nick Gray. I want to speak to your EO group.

Here is why you should hire me:

  • 92% success score, based on EO Connecticut post-event survey (June 2023)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, I will refund your money if I don’t meet your expectations

For booking, email to [email protected] or call/text me at +1-917-635-9967.

Keep reading for information about me, topics of discussion, sample event information, agenda, photos, and more.

Topics of Discussion

There are three main topics that I can speak about:

  • How to Host an Event, a step-by-step framework that your members can use for office parties or social happy hours.
  • Networking, how to build big relationships and meet new people in an interesting way.
  • Entrepreneurship, battle stories from growing two multi-million dollar companies.

But instead of a boring slideshow, I’ll spend a lot of time getting your group to mix, mingle, and meet new people.

Photo Gallery

Here are pictures from the Connecticut chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization that hosted me in May 2023.

About Me

4 key things to know about me:

  1. I started and sold two successful companies, Museum Hack and Flight Display Systems. Read more about my business history on this page of my website.
  2. I’m the author of The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, a book that teaches people how to host their own events. James Clear, bestselling author of Atomic Habits, said it is “a must-read for anyone who wants to host a great event.”
  3. I teach business owners how to network and build relationships in an authentic way.
  4. My presentation is very interactive and fun. It is a mix between a workshop and a happy hour.

EO Learning Event: The 2-Hour Cocktail Party

You could think of my presentation as a structured happy hour mixer.

There will be name tags, icebreakers, a short presentation or two by me, and lots of socializing and networking.

My goal will be to get your members to talk to new people who they haven’t yet connected with.

That’s what Rob LaBonne from EO Connecticut did in late May 2023. He invited me to speak to his group. The primary purpose was for me to help their members connect with others who they normally wouldn’t meet.

Many EO members meet the same people and talk about the same things at every event. This is a chance to introduce them to others!

Event Description

Here’s how Rob described the event to his members:

At this event you will learn how hosting “2 Hour Cocktail Parties” using Nick Gray’s very specific template can dramatically improve your personal and professional network.

We will spend the first hour learning Nick’s extremely unique process for hosting a cocktail party that has transformed his life to be one of the most well connected people I know.

The remaining 2 hours will be an actual “2-Hour Cocktail Party” following Nick’s template, encouraging EO member to member interactions with the goal of deepening connections outside of our direct forum relationships.

I think we can take it to the next level by including the invite template for the EO learning chair to send to their members and also venue suggestions (ie member’s business)

Sample Agenda

I can host for 1-, 2-, or even 3-hours. Here is an approximate agenda of how a 3-hour event would work.

  • 5:00PM Welcome
  • 5:30PM Formal start & Introduction
  • 5:40PM Quick tour of the venue
  • 5:45PM Icebreaker #1
  • 6:00PM Break– mix and mingle
  • 6:20PM Lightning Talk #1
  • 6:25PM Dinner
  • 7:00PM Presentation: Core concepts of The 2-Hour Cocktail Party
  • 7:15PM Q&A
  • 7:25PM Break– mix and mingle
  • 7:40PM Lightning Talk #2
  • 7:45PM Group photo, then– mix and mingle
  • 8:00PM The end
  • 8:30PM Everyone out

Interactive Discussions

I will run several activities to highlight some of your members. The goal is to have each attendee talk to at least five different and new people.

Each attendee will also hear from nearly every single person in attendance.

We do this by featuring certain members in small activities and help the room mix and mingle with simple icebreakers.

  • Icebreaker: Everyone says their name and a little bit about their company. Each person speaks for no more than 25 seconds.
  • Lightning Talks: Nick selects and coaches select attendees during the party to share about a topic or business interest. They briefly present, along with 5 others, during a 5-minute structured section of the party.
  • Speed Icebreakers: This activity helps each attendee meet 10 different people over a 15-minute time period.

Speaker Survey Results

EO Connecticut surveyed their members after my talk. I received a rating of 9.2, and the overall event (which I managed) also received a 9.2 rating

CAPTION: 10 members participated. Overall rating 9.2, Speaker rating 9.2


“Nick was an excellent speaker. This went above and beyond what I hoped. I’d recommend him to anyone.”
Rob LaBonne, EO Connecticut Learning Chair 2023

“I loved having a structured cocktail hour to attend. It exceeded my expectations and it was an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with fellow EO members.”
EO CT member

“Great energy. Loved the networking and getting to hear about each person individually.”
EO CT member

More Speaking Experience

I’ve been the keynote speaker at several other conferences and events, including:

Conclusion & Booking Info

I would love to brainstorm about how I can help your next event. Email to [email protected].

Or call / text me right now at +1-917-635-9967. Yes, that is my actual number!

Please feel free to contact Rob LaBonne directly if you’re an EO Learning Chair and want an in-person conversation to check Nick as a reference as a great speaker.

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