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Keynote and Conference Speaker Information 2018-05-19T09:15:45-04:00

Nick Gray loves speaking about Innovation, millennial engagement, and experiential sales/marketing.

Feature about Nick Gray and Museum Hack in Bloomberg Businessweek:
Renegade Museum Tours Lure Newbies, Bros, and the Easily Bored

“Your talk was mind-blowing, and the best session of all, as you promised it would be.”
Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder, Skift

Another flattering testimonial:

“Nick Gray from Museum Hack rocked the Museum Ideas 2014 conference with fresh ideas about how to make people fall in love with museums. Nick’s presentation was brilliant, certainly one of the conference highlights and in our feedback forms it was rated by our attendees as one of the most exciting talks of the day. His enthusiasm was contagious, making us all want to experience the tours first hand.”
Gregory Chamberlain
Editor, Museum-iD magazine
Organizer, Museum Ideas Conference

The Highlight of the Conference

Hi! My name is Nick Gray, and I’m the founder and CEO of Museum Hack. We are a company of renegade tour guides.

You should visit more museums, more often. Museums are a great space for you to get inspired about the future and learn about history.

But most people don’t like museums. They think they’re boring, irrelevant, and lack entertainment. So I started Museum Hack to change that. Today we’re a profitable business in the art world with 12+ employees who give 50+ custom tours every month at the best museums in New York City.

I gave a really great speech about how Museums are f***ing awesome at the Do Lectures in Wales, UK. I talked about how my company was founded and what makes Museum Hack very special. Most importantly, I like to talk about why museums matter and why Museum Hack is working hard to get a new audience excited about museums.

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Can I speak at your conference or company or museum? Email me!