Nick Gray as Keynote Speaker 2017

I’ve spoken a lot this year, and here are some of the places.

Motorcycle Industry Council

Me speaking the MIC event.

I spoke at the Motorcycle Industry Council’s 2017 annual meeting this November in Carson, California (near Los Angeles). Read my review here.

The MIC wanted me to “shake up” the audience.

I talked about Museum Hack and our experience attracting new visitors and customers to cultural organizations. I also spoke about the disruptive and innovative marketing techniques we use to bring in new audiences.

Historic Charleston Foundation

Me on stage at the Charleston Museum this February.

I spoke at the Charleston Museum on February 27th about my TEDx talk, Museum Hack, gave a Q&A, and some free hi-fives. I made two short videos about my weekend in Charleston, you can watch them both here.

Me speaking in Charleston. The picture behind me is my favorite piece from the Metropolitan Museum, a fragmented face in jasper by an unknown artist.

AAM in St Louis

I gave a keynote speech and presentation for the Art Museum Marketing Association (AMMA) meeting the day before AAM started.

AMMA asked me to make an hour-long presentation to their senior members before AAM. I spoke with my colleague Ethan Angelica about Museum Hack, how we got started, and the impact we’re making. We also shared some of our special social media strategies.

The Museum Hack crew at AAM2017. L to R: Peter, Dustin, Ethan, Julia, Me.

Texas Association of Museums

The weekend of April 4th, my colleague Ethan and I went to Texas for TAM2017.

My colleague Ethan (direct left of me) and I at the Texas Association of Museums 2017 conference.
Me speaking at TAM2017 in Abilene, TX.

Stacklist Panel

Tracy Avin, Lauren Foundos, me and Ajay Yadav, who all spoke at this Stacklist event.

I was a guest on a Stacklist Panel in NYC this spring. I spoke with three other founders on how to approach HR at a startup.


Here I am speaking about how I started monetizing Museum Hack.

On July 30th of this year, I spoke to at a farm-to-table rooftop brunch put on by brunchwork. Watch the Facebook Live here.

QCFF-iD conference

Me speaking at QCFF-iD about Storytelling and Museum Hack methods.

I was a guest speaker at QCFF-iD in Quebec City from Sept 20th to 21st. It was one of my most recent speaking engagements. It was a great group but somewhat difficult as I was the only English speaker. You can see my full write-up on this blog post, including my favorite museums there.

SumoCon 2017

Me at SumoCon 2017 in Austin, Tx.

I spoke at SumoCon 2017 in Austin, Texas in the beginning of October. I really loved meeting fellow entrepreneurs at SumoCon, speaking about Museum Hack and meeting a sumo wrestling champion. Check out my notes and SumoCon review here.

Murdock Society of the Wichita Art Museum

The poster for my session in Witchita, Kanasa.
Wichita, The Director introducing me before my speech.

October 5, 2017, I was a Murdock Society speaker. I spoke about what inspired me to start Museum Hack and how museum culture is evolving.

Other Media Appearances

Media Mentions

I was featured on a popular Brazilian TV show about the Future of Work and Art and Technology.

The Future of Work

This segment explores how the internet has changed the way we work. It also touches on unpaid work in creative industries.

Here I am talking to my assistant Jamie in the episode.

Art And Technology

Me in my home office.

In this episode, host Ronaldo Lemo discusses how art is impacted by technology.

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