Coffee is a drug. The best strategy for a coffee festival is: pace yourself.

Today I went to the New York Coffee Festival. I paid $30 for my ticket. It was hosted on 18th Street just a few blocks from my apartment. I’m glad I went!

My Favorite Coffees

Hand holding a cup in front of descriptive sign

Sweetleaf Rocket Fuel was my favorite! It was cold brew with Vermont maple syrup and oat milk.

Cans of coffee and little servings

I liked this iced coffee! Snapchilled Coffee in a can

New Coffee Hardware

I saw these tools and kit that were pretty neat:

Hand and coffee cups with Lithium batteries

Ember battery-powered coffee cup keeps your brew warm

Leverpresso at New York Coffee Festival

Handheld device (Leverpresso) generates pressure for espresso

Holding the FrankOne box coffee maker at New York Coffee Festival

FrankOne says it is “The fastest cold brew and hot coffee maker on the market” because it uses a vacuum seal.

More Pictures

Man holding two yellow water jugs

The water challenge! I tried and could only hold one of these for about two minutes.

You can see that I’m wearing my Yang Gang sweatshirt – represent!

Woman with pink hair representing Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate from San Francisco had a booth, I like this company!

Me standing in front of Rishi Tea sign

I love Rishi Tea and drink their Japanese kukicha tea almost every day

Me standing in front of balloons

This is a California-based non-profit that is bringing whole foods to the under-served


Finger pointing at the outside entrance

This is Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street near 6th Avenue. They are hosting the festival all weekend.

Man standing in front of sign

I bought my ticket to the New York Coffee Festival.

Map showing the New York Coffee Festival 2019

Here’s the floorplan. It was spread over four levels.

Inside the New York Coffee Festival, hardwood floors, showing one of the booths

Inside on the Ground Floor was pretty crazy and wild! It was crowded and busy.

Concrete floors inside the Manhattan Pavillion on West 18th Street

Upstairs was more chill.


It was good. I liked being able to learn about coffee, see new kit, and try many different types of coffees.

Thanks for reading my post!

Me standing in front of a mirror getting ready to leave

I’m heading out now. Bye and thanks for reading!

p.s. If you’re in New York City and you got some coffee, why not go drink it in Central Park? I can tell you that the best spot for a picnic in Central Park is Sheep Meadow.

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