Hypatia and the Heathens: The Last Librarian of Alexandria

My friends Harry Einhorn and Lia Tamborra with orchestrations by Bálint Varga wrote an excellent musical about Hypatia, the last librarian of the Library of Alexandria

Last night I got to host them and 20 of my friends for a reading at my apartment in NYC.


Cast of Hypatia and the Heathens standing in a line in my apartment
Left to right: Phillip Barrood, James Addison, Bryce Payne, Jordan Underwood, Lia Tamborra, Erin Ulman, Harry Einhorn, Lily Randall, and Keith Weiss.
Set during the apocalyptic end times of the Roman Empire, this immersive, multi-sensory theatrical experience is based on the raucous festivals of ancient Rome and Egypt. One thing is for certain: it’s like no toga party you’ve attended before.

Hear The Songs

As tracks become ready, they’ll be put up on www.SoundCloud.com/hypatiamusical

Cast Photo

Cast of Hypatia and the Heathens in NYC inside my apartment
Lia Tamborra, center, plays Hypatia. She also co-wrote the music, lyrics, and book with Harry Einhorn.

Production Photos: Hypatia and The Heathens

Party Notes

  • I emailed about about 40 friends last week to see if their schedule was open on April 30th, 2019. 20 people replied in the affirmative.
  • I made this page on Splash for my friends to RSVP on.
  • Mike Smith again helped set up and run the bar and manage a bunch of logistics, thank you Mike! He helps me with a bunch of my events and I couldn’t host nearly as frequently as I do without his help.
  • It was AWESOME!! SO MUCH FUN to host this incredible play in a workshop / reading format in the intimate environment of my apartment.
  • I first saw Hypatia staged at Caveat, a great event space in NYC.
  • I wish there were live theater like this at Meow Wolf.

More Information

Want to help? They’re looking for producers and a passionate team of supporters to nurture this story and bring it to the world. If you’re interested, email them at [email protected]

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