My Best YouTube Videos in 2024-Q1

Last updated: March 27, 2024

I’ve been making new video blogs aka “vlogs” again on my YouTube channel.

I’m experimenting with long-form video this quarter. These are a few of my favorites.

I visited Wake Forest University

I visited Wake Forest University and taught a class in Entrepreneurship. Plus a visit to Reynolda House and meeting a popular creator on campus. View on YouTube in 4K.

Dune 2 w/Friends

My mother came to visit me! And few friends visited. Then we saw a sneak preview of the movie Dune 2. View on YouTube in 4K.

Noah Kagan’s Million Dollar Weekend Launch Party

I helped to host Noah Kagan’s book launch for Million Dollar Weekend and he did a LOT of awesome things. This is a good demo of how to host a book launch party. View on YouTube in 4K.

Backstage with Codie Sanchez

In this video I tagged along with my friend Codie Sanchez to a big speaking gig she had in Dallas, Texas. See behind the scenes of the Aspire conference. View on YouTube in 4K.

Birthday Olympics & Best Austin Museums

We did the Olympics for Noah Kagan’s birthday. Then visited the two best museums in Austin: Blanton Museum & Bullock Texas State History Museum. View on YouTube in 4K.


I like making these, even if they don’t get a ton of views. I think they’ll be fun to watch years from now. Plus I’m learning a lot.

Do you have any suggestions or comments for how to make my videos better? Leave a comment on the YouTube video, or email me to [email protected] 

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