I travel a lot, and I’m always a little frustrated by my cable management. Every night I have to plug my phone in to charge, and every morning I have to wrap up the cords in a neat and tidy fashion.

This $10 cable has made my life better. I’ve added it to my small backpack to include on every single trip. I also have 2 of them at home.

Transcript of Video

NG: Cool new thing, travel and tech iphone cable, this is the one that I like.

NG: Retractable technology about to blow your mind, makes life so much simpler for traveling.  This is the Apple cable brand new, but mine end up looking like this, right?

NG: I like my things to be all neat and in order and so I’m constantly taking wound up cable and having to add these twist ties to it when I travel.

NG: I love this retractable cable because it just makes my life a lot easier.

NG: I heard about it from Noah Kagan, you can buy it on Amazon Basics and while it is bulkier than just the cable its so nice and clean.  Retractable cable, this is my life now!

NG: I’m so nerdy, but I love sharing cool tech stuff that I find.

NG: Previously I recommended this small lightning cable for use with external batteries.  I also travel with this ultra-thin lightning cable for other purposes.

NG: I find though, that for my day to day use of a lightning cable while I travel, this retractable one is fantastic.

NG: Thanks for watching, if you like this video and want more cool product recommendations, please like this video, have a great day!

Products Mentioned

The retractable cable I show in the video is currently out of stock, but here is a great alternative

The short 4″ cable I show in the video can be found here


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