Chongqing in 36 Hours: Best Things To Do

I hired a private tour guide while visiting Chongqing, China in August 2017.

Here are the best things he showed me in one day.

Huguang Guild Hall

  • Tells the story of migrant history in Chongqing
  • Many opera stages
  • Museum inside was neat
  • “Emperor Test” is a fun photo opportunity
  • Traditional clothes for sale were very nice
Huguang Guild Hall chongqing china

Beautiful courtyard area for opera at first museum I visited.

museum chongqing china

Display at the first museum I visited showing local village life maybe in the 1700s.

Cable Car Over Yangtze River

This was touristy but seemed worth doing. Nice for pictures, too.

Here’s me standing in line for the cable car. Maybe 400 people and I’m the only Westerner!

This is the ticket for the cable car.

A cable car, as seen from my cable car.

  • Many Chinese movies filmed here
  • 30 RMB round trip return price ticket
  • 30 minutes each way, approx including line time
  • Nice views
  • 2 Gold Buildings: Sheraton Hotel
  • DongShui Men Bridge nearby

Cable car views.

Lunch at Local People Place

For lunch, my Chongqing private tour guide took me to a chain restaurant called “Jhu Qwai”

Here’s what I ordered:

My lunch, see below diagram for each dish:

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Smoked pork with cauliflower, 12 RMB
  2. Spicy chicken, 16 RMB
  3. Boiled peanuts, 3 RMB
  4. Steamed white rice, 1 RMB
  5. Chinese cabbage, 3 RMB

The entrance and logo looks like this. If you see it, you can go anywhere! The food is clean and there are many options.

The place I ate for lunch, and took a group to the next day. I would go back!

Carrefour Grocery store

We saw tea, pastries, and meat. This was a nice chance to see a Chinese grocery store.

Selection of loose leaf tea at a grocery store in Chongqing.

HongYa Cave

This place is like a New Antique Disneyland. Hard to describe, but it is featured in most “Must-See” lists for Chongqing.

Looking at it from street-level.

It is 11 floors. We went to the 10th floor and 4th floor. You can focus on those two floors to save time.

All lit up at night as seen from our riverboat ride.

Monorail City Ride

Chongqing is famous for having a monorail that zips through buildings and underneath bridges.

To ride this same route, get on the line here at Daxigou:

Ride the cable car from Daxigou to Taping station. Get out and turn around.

When you enter, take the stairs to cross the tracks to the other line.

  • Start at Daxigou: Go towards Yudong
  • End at Taping: Turn around

Three Gorges Museum

The exterior of the Three Gorges Museum.

  • Video introduction, I watched the first 20 minutes of it and enjoyed it
  • 1st floor: Three Gorges, statue of men pulling boats from shore
  • 2nd floor: Development and history of Chong Xing
  • 3rd Floor: I think I skipped it
  • 4th Floor: Donated collection and porcelain exhibit

Beautiful porcelain on the top floor of the Three Gorges Museum that I loved.


This is a big Shopping Mall and Pedestrian Street. Photo by Chongqing Guide Center.


The interior of the viewing tower reminds me of 1 World Trade Center in NYC! The style of the slanted windows, recessed walkways on the window borders, etc.

The decorations are modern, such as a living plant wall. But the operators have taken to adding a larger-than-life Incredible Hulk statue and Hello Kitty statues.

It was sparsely attended, perhaps due to the large cost of a ticket (168 RMB).

Look for this sign at the base of the big World Financial Center building.

Ticket for the viewing station at World Financial Center.

My Tour Guide

Me and my tour guide, David.

David Liao Jun
We Chat: 13368052122
Cell Phone: (+86) 13368052122

Here’s what my tour guide wrote down. You can contact him if you want your own tour.

My tour guide David opens the taxi door for me to begin our day adventure.

More Things to See in Chongqing

These are other things that can be seen with some more time.

  • Chongqing Zoo: Pandas are the most famous. (I saw pandas in Chengdu too).
  • Park high point:: Eling (UHH-LING) Park.
  • Top of Building: World Financial Capital
  • Dinosaur Museum: Fan outside museum. They call it Natural Museum.
  • Old Town, a must visit on every list


Looking out at the city on takeoff… amazing scope and scale and size. Skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.

Filmed on my flight out, great light on Chongqing

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