I am trying to do more push-ups every day.

One way I’ll try is while waiting for things.

I did push-ups while waiting on Friday.

  • Waiting for a car service to the Toronto airport:
  • Waiting to board a flight to China:
  • And then waiting for the pilots:

Sadly these videos were lost in a server move.

My Packing Skills

I’m very proud of my packing skills, mostly learned from my friend Tynan.

My entire bag situation for 30 days through Canada, China, Thailand, and Bali only weighs 15 lbs:

Flying to China

I boarded the Boeing 777, Air China flight from Houston to Beijing.

Business class, thank you miles and FlightFox!

Landed in Beijing, then cleared immigration and customs with my new 10 year China visa…

Travel luxury

I took a shower in the Air China lounge during my layover.

Afterwards, I felt like a million dollars! Totally refreshed.

I think I’m going to love China.

Look at all of this loose leaf tea in the airport lounge:

Flew to Chengdu, China and easily found a metered taxi outside:

My tax driver humored me for a selfie.

We drove through some very pretty tree-covered streets.

And then arrived at the hotel to meet friends, including Kate Duske, pictured below.

To be continued!

Thank you Michael Alexis for organizing this trip.

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