Most job descriptions are a page long, but this one is three pages.  It’s an interesting read.  Take a look.

CFO/HR Director


As the Owner of MOM’s- My Organic Market, I am looking for a talented and successful CFO/HR Director to oversee and guide our finance, accounting, and human resources functions. Working side-by-side with myself and other members of the Leadership Team, you will also need to provide insight for company-wide strategic planning and initiatives. I am looking for someone with a “partner mentality”, to help innovate, strategize, and move this company forward!”… Scott Nash, President/Owner

At MOM’s (, we are committed to organic products, our Purpose of environmental restoration, training, a great culture, and strong Values.

For the A-player looking for something special who can answer “yes” to all of the following questions, this is the opportunity for you.

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit trapped inside a CPA body?

  • Are you seeking meaning and purpose in your career?

  • Do you hate office politics as much as we do?

  • Do you want to come to work in jeans?

  • Do you excel in accounting but want to do more?

  • Are you seeking an atmosphere of open and direct communication, debate, and creative brain-storming?

  • Are you professional and results driven, yet lighthearted and fun?

  • Can you see the forest and work in the trees?

  • Are you level-headed and able to see both sides of the coin?

  • Do you exceed people’s expectations of you on a regular basis?

  • Is it in your bones to seek continual improvement?

  • Do you have passion?

  • Would you rather work for David than Goliath?

  • Do you want to make a difference?


MOM’s- My Organic Market is a successful locally owned organic grocery chain. Everyday, MOM’s promises and delivers to our customers the highest quality 100% produce, an incredible selection of products, and remarkable customer service. MOM’s is much more than a successful retailer of healthy foods, we are a proactive leader for environmental restoration. MOM’s mission is to “restore the environment to the maximum extent we are able.” Currently, MOM’s has 4 stores located in Rockville, College Park, Alexandria, and Columbia and we have 1 additional store slated for opening April 2007 in Frederick, MD. We launched our “15 X 15 Initiative” in 2005, when we currently had 3 existing stores… 15 additional stores by the year 2015.

The Position

The role of the CFO/HR Director has 4 primary components consisting of (1) Leadership Team – Provide consistent and positive input, results, & leadership; (2) Accounting Dept Head – Provide timely and accurate financial reporting, (3) Financial Leadership – Provide useful financial insight, monitor cash flow, control costs, etc.; and (4) Human Resources – Design & implement systems to hire A-players.

At MOM’s, success in this role will be measured against performance in the following areas:

  • Monthly financial reviews (key metrics include, but not limited to, financial statements, cash flow, AP aging, monitoring line of credit, projections, cash controls, etc.)

  • Cost Cutting Progress (metric includes setting goals, reviewing project status, and accomplishments to reduce costs)

  • Human Resources (ability to manage and continually improve the ‘people process’; metrics primarily include turnover rates, days to fill open positions, employee tenure, morale, etc.)

  • Positive leadership team contributions & company-wide contributions

  • Maintain positive & favorable external relationships (banks, vendors, suppliers, etc.)

  • Other accountabilities, as assigned.


At MOM’s, your values, abilities, and track record of success are more important than direct experience. That being said, an ideal candidate would have the following:

  • Strong competencies in intellect (the ability to learn, understand, and innovate), personal skills (integrity, candor, excellence, etc.), and interpersonal skills (oral and written communication, customer service, etc.)

  • Candidate is a CPA with at least 5 years of successful experience in accounting, payroll, human resources, and financial reporting. Experience and knowledge of consolidation and retail inventory accounting a plus.

  • Proven ability to multitask and follow-through.

  • Excellent proficiency in using QuickBooks (or similar accounting software) and Microsoft Office Suite. Experience and knowledge of ADP a plus.


MOM’s goal is to maintain a diverse, motivated, and positive work environment full of great people. Take pride in working for a company that lives its Purpose/Mission and Values and continually provides quality food for consumers, while working to improve the environment. As a salaried exempt position, benefits include:

    • Competitive salary

    • Medical coverage

    • Paid time off / comp time

    • A matching socially responsible 401k plan

    • 20% Employee discount on all store products

    • Generous $3,000 company contribution towards the purchase of a hybrid vehicle

    • A “Green” Benefits Package

    • And more!


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