The Chippery (home page) is my favorite restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand. I wish we had something this chain in New York City.

Reasons The Chippery Is Awesome

  1. Healthy. It significantly upgrades the “Fish and Chips” experience to fine dining levels of food quality.
  2. Fast.  As long as there isn’t a huge line.
  3. Local. The fish comes from places in New Zealand such as The Cook Straight, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Gisborne, or The Chatham Islands.

Photos I Took At The Mt Vic Chippery

Grilled Tarakihi fish ($8) and Crumbed Coromandel Scallops ($6)

Grilled Tarakihi fish ($8) and Crumbed Coromandel Scallops ($6)

The Chippery, logo on box Mt Vic Chippery, outside

The Chippery in New Zealand logo Menu board at The Chippery

Chips, aka fries. My favorites were the Kumara

Chips, aka fries. My favorites was the Kumara

Special sauces: Sweet Chili, Rocket Fuel, Tartare, Aoli, Tomato

Special sauces: Sweet Chili, Rocket Fuel, Tartare, Aioli, Tomato

Interview with Richard Samways, General Manager

I emailed Richard some questions, which he was very kind to answer.

Nick Gray: What are the most popular types of fish?

Richard Samways: The most popular are the Kiwi favourites such as Snapper, Tarakihi, Blue Cod, Warehou and Hapuka but we are also trying to introduce new species to the public in an effort to do our bit in helping NZ have a sustainable fishery for years to come. We often sell lesser known species such as Kingfish, Gemfish, Ribaldo, Alfonsino, Moonfish, Jack Mackeral, Trumpeter and Elephant fish. We aim to have 5-8 species available at all times although the winter weather can produce it’s challenges to our local fish suppliers and demand can get tight.

Fresh fish on display for sale at The Chippery (Mt Vic location)

Fresh fish on display for sale at The Chippery (Mt Vic location)

NG: Do you have any plans for additional locations or additional cities?

RS: “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you” – Tom Cruise, Top Gun.

NG: In your opinion, what’s the best thing on the menu?

RS: It’s got to be the classic, beer battered Blue Cod with a wedge of lemon and our hand-cut Agria chips and because I’m English I love salt and vinegar on my chips! I know this kind of a food is a treat and it’s perfectly fine a few times a week as part of a balanced diet, which is why I also love to have healthy food on the menu too. I have an obsession with salads, I just love to have a piece of Alfonsino or Kingfish grilled with one of our seasonal salads, at the moment it’s a fantastic Panzanella.

Menu at The Mt Vic Chippery location in Feb 2016

Menu at The Mt Vic Chippery location in Feb 2016

NG: Will you ever sell beer and wine?

RS: Our Thorndon branch is licensed and sells the most amazing Wellington craft beers on tap and in the bottle. We also sell a selection of local Wairarapa wines and we reckon the best Gin and Tonic in Wellington made with locally made Lighthouse Gin and NZ Quina Fino tonic water.

NG: If I went to The Chippery on a date, what should I order for two people to get a great sampling of the menu?

RS: The best food to share? Probably not a burger, if you are really enjoying it, it can get messy! Go for a couple of different species of fish and ask they guys to cook them differently, you can choose from Beer batter, tempura, gluten-free batter, grilled or parmesan herb crust and a couple of different types of fries, small salads and if in season definitely Bluff oysters! If you ask the guys nicely they will put all the food on cute little wooden boards for you and your hot date to share.

RS: Also, The Chippery has been voted as being in the top 10 best placed for a first date in Wellington

Fast Facts

  • Opened: February 2013.
  • Owner: Dale Keith
  • General Manager: Richard Samways
  • Locations: Two as of Feb 2016, Mt Vic and Thorndon
  • Fisherman quote: “The combination of Dale’s restaurant expertise with Grant and Stephen’s locally caught fish has proven very successful.” source

More Information

Dale Keith from The Chippery, on the left (photo

Dale Keith from The Chippery, on the left (photo

Dale Keith, owner of The Chippery (photo:

Dale Keith, owner of The Chippery (photo:

Do you work at The Chippery, or have some info that I can update this article with? Email me!

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