Keynote Speaker Notes: Rob Scott at BestSelf Unlocked

These were live + raw notes that I took during Rob Scott’s presentation at the BestSelf Unlocked 2018 event in NYC.

Rob Scott: Shifting Your Identity

“Not all time is equal. Let’s make this time sacred.”

Pic of Rob Scott from his website

What is it to be your Best Self?

Imagine yourself having it ALL TOGETHER. It looks like:

  • Highly Productive
  • On Time
  • Feel Attractive
  • Confident
  • Great Relationships
  • Body in Shape
  • Exercise and Eat Well


There is ONE THING that most holds us back from being your BEST SELF = your mind.

I found this image by doing a Google search for “brain mountain,” which seemed appropriate based on context.


Some problems are distractions, and not what we should be working on. But some are CORE PROBLEMS.


  • CFO that is stealing from your business. No matter how much you improve sales, or optimize your marketing: you’ll still be bleeding money.
  • Broken window in a ski home. You can turn up the thermostat, build a fire, etc but nothing will fix the heat unless you fix the huge broken window first.

Moment of Clarity

If you can fix the big one, everything else falls in place. (Nick’s note: Makes me think of the book “The One Thing.”)

Real change requires identity shifting

But don’t worry: your identity is shifting all the time. You’re no longer your 5 year-old self.

Does BestSelf make a kid’s journal? That could be rad. But you don’t need it! Because you’re no longer your 5 year-old self.

Your Mind

It is a meaning-making machine. Beliefs matter. But not that many people show us how to think. So we must master the mind.

The real problem might be invisible to you.

  • Generic biases: One sidedness, taking a perspective, prejudice in favor or against
  • Cognitive biases: Long list of mental shortcuts, may or may not be helpful, may not be accurate
  • Generalizations: Ways we categorize, “Love hurts,” “Success is making a million a year”
  • Deletions: We can’t process everything, so we literally delete certain parts of reality
  • Distortions

Identity is the continued narrative you tell yourself about yourself. Who you think you are, what you think is possible, etc.

The 3 Steps to Recode Your Mind

Does this stuff work?

  • Things we care about: Money, Health, Relationships (and more)

A couple holding a handful of $1 bills is the BEST clip art for Money, Health, and Relationships

  • This process has shifted people who felt horribly broken, and also who are public rockstars
  • “Petrified of public speaking” becomes: THOUGHT LEADER
  • “Entrepreneur afraid of sales” becomes: MASTERFUL SALESMAN
  • This has even helped someone RETIRE THEIR WALKER

You may already feel it. Over time, you may see it in your diary or journal.

Working on your mind is never a bad thing.


We can literally change who we are. Example of a fat person whose identity was “I’m a big fat loser.”

Who do you want to be? An entrepreneur? Or a wantrepreneur?

Three Steps

  1. Look: Mindfulness and awareness
  2. Challenge:
  3. Replace: Get your subconscious to accept

Instead of “I am a millionaire,” maybe saying “I love it when I make money.”

Or “I love connecting with people” or “I love laughing with friends” instead of “I’m super popular.”

When we aren’t congruent or when we are down on ourselves, “we start to do things like scrolling or drinking.”

Rob Scott offers a free 7-day meditation challenge called “Back to Breath” www.BackToBreath.com


  1. What it means to be your best self
  2. The distinction of core problems
  3. Importance of mastering your mind
  4. Real change requires an identity shift
  5. Three steps to recode your mind

These are notes from the BestSelf Unlocked meetup conference workshop thing! I’ll share more from my day there once I get pics.

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