Netflix, Great Books, and the Best New Hotel in Miami

I usually carry a notebook in my back left pocket. I try to write down interesting things that I hear.

These are some from the past month.

Great Articles

Great articles and blogs I’ve been reading.

Non-Profits With Balls

Renamed to Nonprofit AF. Blog recommended to me at museum conference.

Recommended Business Article

Finding a CEO for his business, by Tucker Max

Great Television

Aziz Ansari in Master of None.
  • Master of None: Everyone is talking about how great Season 2 is and a celebration of New York City. Two episodes of note, via Ramit Sethi: Parent episode from S1, and Ode to New York from S2.
  • Old TV Show: Bullshit! by Penn & Teller
The first episode aired in 2003.

Great Book Recommendations

These 80s READ posters are everything.

Some awesome book recommendations from my friends.

Best Hotel in Miami

I heard from a friend the design is amazing.

Faena Miami Beach via Amanda Ferri, “They spent $18,000,000 on a gold-plated wooly mammoth skeleton. I got a behind-the-scenes tour and loved it. The design is incredible.”

Yes, they have a gold-plated wooly mammoth skeleton. (Image via

Great Movies

Still from Who Took Johnny.

Other Great Recommendations

NY Transit Museum.
1920s headphone dinner party, from a French magazine.

I’m considering writing a short book about the extremely specific way that I like to host dinner parties and cocktail parties. Name tags, icebreakers, etc including the exact templates I use. The target audience is anyone who wants to host parties or events (with friends or for work).

I have an exact template for the way I host dinner and cocktail parties.

Ideas for thematic dinner salons that we can host for friends in NYC:

  • Wills
  • Freezing sperm or eggs
  • Parents for Non-Parents
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Aging Gracefully

(These are all somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but also serious)

Conversational Tidbits

I learned cauliflower is cheaper and better in San Francisco.
  • DLD conf in NYC, I did not go but sorta wanted to see what it is about
  • Hu Kitchen is still my favorite lunch spot, I took my friend Scott Kidder there for the first time
  • YouTube the Will Smith video about running and reading (via Michael K)
  • Nice walking meeting w/Tasia + Sarah of the Museum Hack team today. I love walking meetings
  • Phone calls today with Thomas Griffin, John Antista, Tracy Avin (resched), Richard Murray, and a VIP dinner tonight w Mark Kennedy-McClellan
  • Cauliflower is cheaper and better in San Francisco, via an informal survey I did with Zach Klein on Twitter


Ethereum and Bitcoin lunch takeaways.

Ethereum and Bitcoin lunch in Washington Square Park on Thursday, May 11th at 12:30 pm. Jordan Cooper organized it via Twitter, here were my takeaways:

  • Everyone attending (10 ppl) used Coinbase to store most of their coins. Some had other methods, like printing sheets of paper and keeping in bank vaults, but everyone at least had a Coinbase account
  • Paying taxes on gains: Everyone agreed it was the right thing to do, especially if you converted back to USD
  • There’s a bubble in a lot of alt-coins
  • Large banks looking at the blockchain after SWIFT hacking incident RE: Bangladesh
  • ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, like an IPO (I had never heard this term before)
  • I have no holdings; I wanted to attend because my friend Tynan constantly checks currency pricing + Ben Yu loves BitCoin (and more friends), and I think Jordan is a smart guy
  • “What is the actual utility of these coins?”
  • “This is the first time that open source has been directly related to capitalism.”

In Other News

AT&T and Verizon get into a bidding war.

Verizon wins $3.1B bidding war for Straight Path’s 5G spectrum (NYSE:STRP). Only nine employees. Articles in WSJ, USA Today, etc. Fascinating story — until a month ago they were worth only $500m, then AT&T and Verizon got into a bidding war over their wireless frequencies.

There is a network of tunnels around United States Capitol building. (image: apartment guides)

Senators in Washington, DC have lots of staff

Including a Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Office Admin Manager, interns, policy people, etc. I learned all about this from an intern working for a senator at the going away party for Alexandra Liveris. Also: there are lots of tunnels around the United States Capitol building in DC. These are helpful because (1) it is very hot in DC in the summer, and tunnels underground are much cooler, and (2) easier to protect and manage security.


I typed these notes to share the stuff I’m hearing about, and tips on great media to consume.

Was this interesting? Should I do more posts like this? Let me know. Thank you for reading!

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