Cocktail Parties: Small Group, Big Ideas

People have always fascinated me. That’s one of the reasons I moved to New York City…for the people. I love it when I get to connect people with one another and help facilitate the introduction of others meeting new people.



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About the Parties

Time: 8pm to 10pm
Where: My apartment
Cocktails: Free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Once everybody arrives, we do a round of introductions with a “best of” recommendation. Something you are either really excited about, or a new discovery (app, place in the city, website, book, etc).
  • Then we do a mini-mastermind. Each person has seven minutes to get feedback on whatever topic you want. Can be a question, opportunity, challenge, etc.
  • We used to ask: What are you struggling with? But now it’s more open-ended. For privacy reasons, we never share the discussion topics afterwards… but it’s common for participants to ask for help on workplace issues, personal relationship questions, business strategy, etc.
  • Pro tip: The more concise you can present your topic, the more time you can get feedback from the group!
  • Each night is a different small group of eclectic people. Entrepreneurs, tech startups, artists of all kinds, non-profit/charity founders, and high achieving people in life. This dinner and conversation allows us to get unique ideas and perspectives outside of our “normal” world of people we hang out with. And a chance to meet unique and interesting people making things happen in NYC.
  • At 9pm sharp, post discussion, past attendees can come for a social mixer and more informal connecting with the other guests and new-found friends!


27 West 10th St #5, New York, NY 10011 [Google Maps]
It’s a big red door. Buzz outside (#5), then come inside and buzz #5 again, then walk all the way to the top floor. 

Contact: Email Nick


“I loved Nick’s attention to detail and generosity of spirit. Excellent curation of people!” Jeremy R.

“The format was great. I loved the 20 minutes of hang-time perforated by 5 minutes of organized fun alternating throughout the evening. It organically created a scenario where you got to know everyone in the room very quickly and also were able to cleanly start new conversations with new people at the end of each activity pause! (Whereas I typically find at parties you only have conversations with 2 people max per hour or so.)” Molly S.

“Nick. This was truly awesome. My wife and I have different styles of connecting and we’re almost NEVER at a party where we both feel great. This was a huge inspiration to level up my own parties. There’s no excuse for everyone to feel anything other than ‘in.’ ” Richard M.

Listen to this testimonial from July 29th, 2014: