Did you know that Museum Hack semi-secretly sponsors a very free and very awesome online database of museum jobs?

This post will tell you all about it and why we started the site.

Introducing: Museum.jobs

Two years ago, Museum Hack launched an ambitious project to centralize job postings from various message boards in an easily searchable database.

Image for the Museum Jobs database search showing form fields on top of a cartoon gallery image

Museum Jobs home page as of May 2018. I like the background cartoon

I wanted to do this because I’ve heard how hard it is to find a job in the museum field.

Another reason we made the site is that some of the existing message boards are difficult to use and not frequently updated.

What Makes Museum.jobs Different

When the Museum Jobs website first started, we curated as many of the best jobs we could find in the museum industry.

However, our team still felt like something was missing. We didn’t want our site to be just like any other job board.

Therefore, we have now added a salary requirement to help job seekers. This new requirement for all job posts helps encourage employers to be more open and transparent with job postings.

Text listing of about six jobs, with the museum logos to the left, and salary information to the right side

Some of the current jobs listed with salary requirements on the job board.

Requirements for posting a job on our jobs database now include:

  • Salary or salary range. “Commensurate Upon Experience” or “Open To Negotiation” will not be accepted
  • Years of experience required

Interview With Museum Hack

Four people riding in a car, taken in the selfie style

L to R: Dustin, Ethan, Julia, and Peter headed to the AAM Conference to represent Museum Hack

Julia helps to manage the Museum Jobs website. I asked her a few questions about the site.

Q: What are the most popular posts on the Museum Jobs blog?

A: Hands down it is the job round-ups. Job roundups are special posts we do on the Museum Jobs blog. We handpick five of the coolest jobs we can find and feature them in a blog post. It’s great to show off what cool job opportunities museums and cultural sites have. These jobs also have some of the best titles I’ve ever seen like “Curator of Woody Plants” or “Beer Historian.”

Q: What is changing in the museum world in regards to job hunting and museum careers?

A: Just like any field, the internet makes things easier and harder all at once. The candidate pool is larger to pull from, but as specialized Museum Studies degrees become more popular, that pool also gets more crowded. There is serious talk about the field and inherent problems with diversity pipelines, and unpaid internships, but for now the talk is good, action is great. That’s why we are doing our small part to keep the jobs on our boards with salary requirements is taking a small stand on the problem.

Q: Do you have any advice for Emerging Museum Professionals hunting for a museum job?

Ultimately you’re learning skills right now in school, internships, or even seemingly unrelated jobs. Take that and learn to market yourself to relate those skills to fit whatever job you’re striving for. Don’t be afraid to look for tangentially related jobs at non-profits, libraries, local government, wherever. Oh and get on Twitter – it’s a non-stop ongoing conference filled with some of the best networking and a way to share your (valuable!) perspective.

My Favorite Museum Jobs Blog Posts

Picture of a white house museum on a nice day with clouds in the background

This is the Baranov Museum in Alaska where Alana Blumenthal works

How To Submit a Job

Maybe you’re reading this post and wondering how to submit a job that your museum is hiring for. Great! It is free to do that.

Head over to Museum.Jobs and click the POST JOB button in the top right-hand corner.

Header menu buttons for the Museum Jobs database

Posting a new job to our community

That will bring you here to the Post a Job page:

Screenshot of a website with instructions on how to post a job to our site

Job post form on the Museum Jobs website

Finally, fill in the job details and museum information in the form (as seen above).

Hit preview to get an idea of what your post will look like, then click submit. It’s super easy!

Museum Jobs is a free community for both job posters and job seekers. A few things to keep in mind:

  • You have to be a museum, zoo, or cultural institution to post a job.
  • Years of experience required and anticipated salary range must be included in the posting.

Other Museum Job Boards or Databases

While our site is awesome, but we know we don’t have every single museum or zoo or cultural org job listed. Here are some other pages with museum jobs:

Conclusion / More Information

We wanted to create this website to be a value-add to the museum community. We hope that having more great people in more great jobs will make museums even more awesome.

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