I am at a place called Museo Soumaya.   It reminds me of the Guggenheim.   As soon as you walk in, the stark white interior, the swirly round staircase.  I think it’s genius.

This museum is funded buy the Carlos Slim Foundation, one of the worlds richest men and certainly the richest man in Mexico, purportedly worth over 50 billion dollars.  He gave a lot of money to this place.  His son in law was the architect and is named after Soumaya Domit, who died in 1999, and was the wife Carlos Slim.

The reason I like this museum is because its an encyclopedic collection.  I saw watches and coins, money, old paintings, new paintings.  I really like it.  The architecture inside, it’s a long walk up, but I like that because it’s exercise.   I just think it’s genius.  It’s a one track, very nice space.

I think every single visitor to Mexico City should come to this place.

Photos of Museo Soumaya

Soumaya Museum



Here is a painting I liked...

Here is a painting I liked…


One of the many old watches they had displayed...

One of the many old watches they had displayed…

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