I’m planning to visit Medellin, Colombia for the first time. I found that these three podcast episodes were great introductions to the recent history:

NPR: Episode #1825: The Remarkable Rebirth of Medellín

Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa reported in Medellín at the height of the cartel war. After 30 years, she returns to the city, joined by radio reporter Luis Gallo, whose father worked as a captain in the anti-narcotics unit and whose life and family history were forever changed by Colombia’s armed conflict.

Together, they tour Medellín, talking to local artists, academics, urban planners and politicians to understand how it went from chaos to the innovative, model city of today.

NPR link for the podcast / text description from here

99% Invisible: Post-Narco Urbanism

Lots of text on the link if you prefer to read the story there!

BBC: Medellin, Colombia: Slums and urban regeneration

How a huge civic project transformed the violent neighbourhoods of Medellin, Colombia’s second city.

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