These are a few interesting articles that I read over the weekend and this morning. I’m experimenting with sharing them in a digest on my blog. One of my goals for 2019 is to write and publish more — Nick

College and frats: Notes from the article “The Future of Frats is Female” that a new friend who is in one of these co-ed fraternities shared to me:

  • Involvement in Greek life at American colleges has grown in recent years. “Nearly 400,000 men belong to fraternities, an increase of 50 percent in the past decade.”

Topic article: Antonia Bascombe on the balcony they call “the Beach,” outside her room in Psi U.

  • DKE sued Wesleyan for trying to force it to accept women, and then won the case and hundreds of thousands of dollars (plus more in lawyers fees). Currently under appeal.
  • Wesleyan has a ban on serving alcohol at parties. My new friend who attends said “that basically means it is just BYOB. Everyone still drinks.”
  • The “red zone” refers to the first six weeks of college, a time when sexual assault is statistically much more likely to occur. (But why? I’m guessing because freshman are exposed to campus culture for the first time, binge drinking, partying, etc)
  • I liked this quote: “I think that eventually people will see that coed spaces are more fun.”

Finance: Ray Dalio articles on LinkedIn

Ray Dalio and what I’d guess is his son in China many years ago

Recent articles by Ray Dalio on LinkedIn that I’ve been meaning to read but they are very thicc:

Food and related to my interests: Chipotle wants you to try its new diet bowls, so you’ll sign up for its app..  “catered to folks adhering to keto, paleo, Whole30 and protein-rich diets.”

Finance: Housing Bear Who Called 2018 Slowdown Says Worst Yet to Come. OK so maybe I’ll chill with my FundThatFlip investments for a minute.

The worst is yet to come in housing. James Stack, who predicted the 2008 real estate crash and nailed last year’s housing slowdown with uncanny timing, is back with some bad news for 2019. “Housing could be heading for its worst year since the last housing crash.” Expect home sales to continue their downward trend. There’s also significant downside risk to housing prices if a recession takes hold.

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