Hi and Happy Friday! In this issue are the best smart videos I’ve seen online recently, three great articles, and more.

Gates Notes by Bill Gates

Bill Gates is putting out some of the best YouTube videos right now. He must be paying a production company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to make these informative, upbeat videos. Subscribe to his channel!

Humanity is fighting back against the Grim Reaper: This video is inspiring! Humanity is getting so much better and safer and longer. They created real-life line graphs. So cool. Important information RE: humanity improving.

Holiday Reading 2017: I love reading Bill Gates’s book suggestions. They make videos for whenever he reviews a section of new books, they’re all worth watching. Here’s the latest one.

Beme News: Better than Vice, IMHO

Fun and fast and informative. From Casey Neistat’s now-shuttered startup. In the past, I’ve enjoyed Current TV, Al Jazeera, and Vice. Now I think Beme is the best. I love their take on current events. I had a hard time picking videos from Beme because they’re almost all good. Click to see their recent videos and pick one that sounds interesting.

Other GREAT Short Videos

Inside Ricky Martin’s Serene Los Angeles Home | Celebrity Homes | Architectural Digest OK this was just fun and made me jealous of the house.

Dollar General Is Putting Local Grocery Stores Out Of Business (HBO): From Vice News, which is good but not as good as Beme. The Dollar General phenom is amazing. Watch this video to see remarkable stats of their growth. More stores now than McDonalds and Starbucks.

Sesame Street Puppeteers Explain How They Control Their Puppets | WIRED: Fun to watch and see behind-the-scenes.

FUN ARTICLE: From Vacca To Vaccination

A drawing of Edward Jenner, but also: a drawing of a drawing of a cow.

As soon as you read the word “vaccination” in the title of this article, you might have thought, “Yikes, that’s become a hot-button issue over the past few years.”

Well, you’re right, but vaccination has been a hot-button issue a lot longer than that—at least since 1796. The Museum Hack team continues to create great content.

Random Links

Cool travel service: Coworker.com: Friend of a friend said they used this to find hourly coworking spaces in places like Tokyo and Poland

Product recommendation:  Clip Reading Light: From my assistant Jamie who loves to read! “Bendable reading light that clips on your books. Lightweight and flexible with 4 levels of LED light. You can recharge it in any USB.”

Article: Lighting Research Center Tests Effectiveness of Apple’s iPad Night Shift Mode on Melatonin Suppression: Main takeaway is that changing screen color alone is insufficient for limiting the impact on melatonin levels, and that screen brightness should also be reduced.

The End

Thanks for reading!

Upcoming travel: Next week I’ll be in Monaco, then London, then a trans-Atlantic ocean cruise on a brand new mega-ship from London to NYC with a stop in Halifax. If you’re in London, write back and maybe we can do a cocktail party meetup!!

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