Above my desk I have a cork board. It has collected random slices of my life. Photos, quotes, comics, art, ephemera, customer loyalty cards, unused stamps, and more.

Here are some of the things on my cork board in February 2019:


Group of Museum Hack employees in NYC

Museum Hack company party at the American Museum of Natural History. Fall of 2014, I think? Left to right is: Jess, Ethan Angelica, Mark Kennedy, Kate Downey, Lia Tamborra, Zak Martelluci, Michelle Roginsky, me, Jessye Herrell, Michelle Yee, Dustin Growick, Michelle’s boyfriend, and Nora Boyd.

Three people standing together: Ethan Angelica, Nina Simon, and Nick Gray (that's me)

Ethan Angelica, Nina Simon, and me. Maybe this was in 2014 or 2015? It was the first time that I met Nina, who has become one of my best friends.

Quotes and Comics

Printed quote that says, "Make your squad your finest act of curatorial courage. Just as many wise..."

One of my favorite quotes from an article: “Make your crew your finest act of curatorial courage.” I sometimes write this out on notecards and tape it on the walls of the stairs on cocktail party days at my apartment in Manhattan.

Card with text that says: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Motivational. I think I got this as part of an art subscription, where they mail you pieces of art every month.

Comic with three panels, talking about confirmation bias in internet research

I came across this comic a few months ago when I was deep in my TSLA bias. I printed it out to remind myself.

Text says, "You are sharing your dream!"

Tweet sent to my private Twitter account as a reply to something that I shared, from my internet friend Justin Hall.

Ephemera and Other

Assorted things on my cork board

Assorted: Stumptown Coffee customer loyalty punch card, button, an unused stamp, NYC MetroCard.

Shun Fa massage customer loyalty cards in New York City

Customer loyalty cards from my favorite massage shop in NYC. I go here almost weekly.

Greeting card with birds on the front

A nice random greeting card sent to me from my mother. I really like the birds and the cover in general.

Black and white drawing of the front facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Front facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, circa early 1900s maybe? Torn from a bulletin or a direct mail piece.

Name card for dinner service at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with my name written in cursive

Name card from a fancy dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Look at that handwriting! Also great name.


It is nice to collect these pieces of life. To remind and inspire us!

Various items from earlier in the article, all collected in one photo

Assorted objects, together. I’ll pin most of them back up. Others will go into my archives.

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