Chaya B&B in Mexico City

Hello from Mexico City! This is the first place that I have stayed, and I booked it on hotel tonight from my plane right before we took off.

My first impressions are that I’m impressed and it is cute and I’m very happy that they have free tea and coffee service all day 🙂 more to come…

 Photos of the Chaya B&B in Mexico City

Here’s the bed that you see when you walk in the room

Alternate better view, I turned on one of the lamps

Close up of the desk area

Pretty self-explanatory: the toilet

Tight view of the shower in the bathroom

The sink in the bathroom, very minimal and clean

Wide view of the bathroom, the sink, shower, and the toilet is to my back


  • I hesitate to give this B&B a bad rating because I know that the owners have put so much time into it, but I did feel like certain things were off about it.I paid about $65 for my stay here and I felt that was great.  I guess I would come back.  I’m not sure.
  • Compared to the hotel I stayed at the next night, it certainly had a lot more character and ambiance. The B&B was the type of place that I wanted to hang out at and work in, but the first impression of the room with the concrete floors and the generally cold nature of the space, the rooms were a let down compared to the shared common space with lots of plants and greenery.
  • I also wish that they could have put the power plugs closer to the bed and walled off the bathroom from the shower.
  • Otherwise I would rate this hotel a 4 out of 5 stars at the price that I paid.  I would go back, but not on this trip.

 Bonus Video:  Mexico City Day o

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