Donor Services Group Telemarketing for Museum Fundraising

I came across a fundraising entity listed as “Donor Services Group” while reviewing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s recent IRS Form 990s on their website(IRS Form 990 is like a public tax return for tax-exempt and non-profit organizations.) 

Donor Services Group logo

It appears that DSG does telemarketing on behalf of the Met Museum and other non-profits. This page will collect some publicly available information that I find in my quest to better understand institutional fundraising.


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University Fundraising Letter from Wake Forest

This is a letter sent to Wake Forest University graduates in May 2016 from the Annual Fund Chair of the WFU School of Business Board of Visitors. I typed it in: READ THE LETTER HERE.

Scan of the letter including WFU letterhead Scan of the actual fundraising letter.

Plaintext copy of the letter and photos of additional inserts are included in this post.

Nick’s Notes and Analysis

  • Great intro to get past my filters. He says, “Let me say up front: I get it.” This is a bold statement which says to me, “You hate fundraising shit. But wait!” I love it.


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