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Other, older stuff:

  1. The band The Freelance Whales used to play my 2009 loft parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York  Blog post about one concert.
  2. Pictures of Wake Forest University quad on night of Dec 7, 2003
  3. Me and George W Bush
  4. My 2002 Summer in California (landing page)
  5. crAFTERPARTY was a party my friends and I threw in honor of Amy Sedaris in December 2010
  6. Brown Bones Swab Party (Williamsburg edition) was a DNA drive my friends and I did in December 2011 for our friend Amit Gupta who has leukemia
  7. /pano/ has some Panoramic photos from Thailand that I made in 2002
  8. /party/ shows an invite I played around with for a Williamsburg (New York City) loft party in July 2009
  9. Lots more to be found in my blog archives – click any month on the bottom of a random page like this (I used Blogger from 2003 – 2009 to post regular content on this domain)