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Awesome Stuff Gift Guide 2018

Everything from the best costume on Amazon, massage balls, cat scratchers, and NYC advice. This is a guest post by one of my best friends, Danielle Strle. She presented this list at my Birthday Conference Party 2018.

Danielle Strle and Nick Gray Danielle Strle and Nick Gray at my Birthday Conference 2018

Slides of neat things recommended by Danielle Strle Slides from Danielle Strle’s keynote at the Nick Gray Birthday Conference 2018


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New York Times Feature On Museum Hack

My company Museum Hack was featured in The New York Times!

It is a great article that gives an overview of renegade tour groups. We are attracting new audiences and making museums more fun.

Group of people having fun at the Met Museum in front of Washington Crossing the Delaware painting A Museum Hack tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the record, it is STILL my favorite museum in the world

Museum Tours for People Who Don’t Like Museum Tours

By Elaine Glusac, July 20, 2018

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Hi from Australia: My First Time on Live TV

I was interviewed on live TV and radio in Australia about Museum Hack for my speaking and presentation at the Victoria Creative State Summit.

My friend Tynan said this vest makes me look like I’m going to do magic at a kid’s birthday party.

I was a guest on a program called The Drum on ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation). This is a national news program that talks about current affairs. It airs right at the primetime, meaning there were millions of people watching. What’s up Australia fam!

The TV show is filmed in Sydney. Since I’m in Melbourne, they connected me from their studio via a live video link.

Me being interviewed on The Drum on ABC, my first time on live television. I was nervous.

I was nervous to do the TV interview because I’d never actually been on live television before. Plus, I couldn’t see anyone. I had a little earpiece that I used to hear them and then had to stare at a black screen. That part was pretty nerve-racking!

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Searching For New Friends With Flyers in NYC

What would happen if I put up flyers around New York City to try and make new friends?

Last week I ran an experiment where I paid someone to print and laminate 100 flyers around New York City with the headline of, “Do you want new friends?”

Me in Washington Square Park showing the poster that would be printed, laminated, and shared across NYC.

Here’s what happened.


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National Trust for Historic Preservation Award

The National Trust for Historic Preservation included me on its inaugural 40 Under 40: People Saving Places list.

The list celebrates 40 movers and shakers — all age 40 and under — who are expanding our nation’s view of what it means to save places and tell America’s full history.

Link: National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of 40 People Under 40

Special shoutout to the real heroes inside Museum Hack: our team of ninjas. We have a world-class group of facilitators, educators, tour guides, and support squad who are reaching new audiences at amazing cultural institutions.

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