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Strategic Coach in Chicago: 10X Workshop Notes

My notes from the 10X Strategic Coach workshop on 9 April 2018 taught by Dan Sullivan at their Chicago headquarters.

Random Stuff

  • One of the reasons I love attending Strategic Coach and other business improvement workshops is that I get to be in the same room with other successful people worth millions and tens of millions of dollars.
  • Strategic Coach currently has 15 coaches, 130 employees, and 2500 clients. Wow!!

Group of Strategic Coach staff and coaches in Toronto, May 2017. Credit: Facebook page


April 10th, 2018|Strategic Coach|

Museum Hack in Southwest Airlines

Neat to see Museum Hack featured in a flight magazine!

Here we are in the April 2018 issue for Southwest, where they say that our “offbeat tours of well-known institutions are a work of art.”

April 2018 cover and feature of Museum Hack on p45 (more…)

April 2nd, 2018|General|

REMIX Summit 2018 NYC: Raw Notes

These are random and raw notes that I took during the REMIX Summit in New York City on March 22-23, 2018.

Follow The Speaker

I’ve never seen this at a conference before: after each session, REMIX provided a secondary track (aka audience allowed to leaving the speaking hall to go to another location) for people to connect with the speaker. This was meant to replace audience Q&A.

During my presentation, I made a HARD SELL for people to come to my session. I noticed that most speakers were getting only 0-3 ppl in attendance. So I was really happy to get an egaged, active group!

Nick Gray and museum executives on the USS Intrepid Me and a roundtable discussion group of museum executives aboard the USS Intrepid

Participants came from institutions such MoMA, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Getty Leadership Trust, Cornell, and more. GO TEAM!!


March 24th, 2018|General|

Sally Hogshead Is A Very Good Keynote Speaker

Usually I hate keynote presentations via video conference for large groups. It is nearly impossible to connect with the people on the other side, jokes fall flat, and the speaker just can’t read the room.

But today I was supremely impressed at the way that Sally Hogshead made her keynote speech via video to me and my friends in the Less Doing Live 2018 workshop.

If you host webinars or aspire to be a great speaker, keep reading to see the exact tactics I noticed that Sally used. For example, I was impressed with her ability to engage the audience using call and response, custom stories, and excellent pacing.


March 15th, 2018|Speaking|