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Is a Correction Near? My Current Stock Market Investing Thesis

Warren Buffett says his first two rules of investing are:

  1. Don’t lose money.
  2. See rule number one.

I have been thinking about asset allocation and investing a lot lately.

In what could be a terrible decision, I’ve decided to share my learnings here on my blog. I hope someone smarter than me will correct me where I’m wrong and help point me in the right direction towards better learnings.

Disclaimer: I’m not a trained investor, advisor, or financial analyst. I’ve been lucky and have accumulated a portion of money. Now that the markets are up, I feel I have a responsibility to consider and protect my earnings.

Market Cycles

I’ve read a lot recently about how the stock market works in cycles.

There are cycles of growth (a bull market), and cycles of recession (a bear market).

Market Cycle and recovery and expansion Sample market cycle. I searched Google Images for “market cycle.”


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Notes from “Willpower Doesn’t Work” by Benjamin Hardy

This book was an easy, inspiring read. I typed up all of my highlights from the book here.

If you want to be focused at work, you need to remove all distractions from your physical and digital workspace.

If you want to get creative insights, get out of town and relax for a day or two.

When you change your environment, such as surrounding yourself with different people, your thoughts and emotions change.

Books on a table I usually read on Kindle, but after getting the “Willpower Doesn’t Work” book at a workshop I bumped it to the top of my reading list. Finished it on the flight home!


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What happens in a Strategic Coach workshop?

In this post I’ll share my notes and photos from today’s Strategic Coach workshop in Toronto, Canada taught by Dan Sullivan. This is all from 11 June 2018 in the 10X Ambition class.

Strategic Coach logo Welcome to our Toronto HQ and please enjoy our wall of plants.

Read more of my blog posts all about my experience as a client of Strategic Coach here.


At each seat, business owners are given our quarterly books and workshop materials.

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Book Swap and Cocktail Party in NYC

I love reading good books. Whether it is on my Kindle, a book I own, or a borrow from the New York Public Library – reading takes up a lot of my time.

One of my favorite parts of a good book is discussing it with smart people and then sharing the book with them.

At my 36th birthday party, I gave guests copies of some of my favorite books.

Book Swap and Cocktail Party

On Thursday, 31 May 2018, I threw a book swap and cocktail party.

Lots of people in a room with books and happy Here we are! The book swap and cocktail party was awesome.


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‘Principles’ Cartoon Video by Ray Dalio

This page lists information and video credits about the film Principles for Success, written and narrated by Ray Dalio based on his book Principles.

I am not affiliated with Ray Dalio, the book Principles, or Bridgewater Associates. I am just a big fan! I’ve made flashcards from the book and I try to study them every week.

You can watch the film in this single video on YouTube.

Principles Video Credits

Here are the credits shown at the end:

Writing and narration by Ray Dalio Screenshot from the “Principles” video hosted on YouTube


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Young Patrons Groups in New York City: Cocktail Meetup

Young Patrons programs at museums and cultural organizations are hard.

Turnover is ever-present, budgets are tight, and attention spans are low.

I hosted a cocktail party in Manhattan on Monday night on behalf of Museum Hack to gather individuals who manage Young Patrons or Young Members programs. The goal is to get together and share ideas so we can all succeed together.

15 or so people waving Hello and smiling Group photo! I love selfies. Great people make great photos


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Icebreakers and Activities at BestSelf Unlocked 2018

Ever since promoting Tasia to the CEO role of Museum Hack, people have been asking me: What exactly do you DO now?

I’m still figuring that out! I love business conferences and workshops (kinda hate them, too) and have been attending many.

So when my friend Cathryn Lavery from Best Self Co asked me to help host their BestSelf Unlocked 2018 customer event in New York City, I SAID YES. (more…)

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