Bed Bug Insurance in New York

A few months ago, I received this postcard in the mail from what I believe to be either a phony company or a sales funnel test:

picture of a postcard, orange with black text, says: The New York Bed Bug Insurance Company The New York Bed Bug Insurance Co.

After some investigation into the company, I think it is either a scam or a “Lean Startup” business test.

This post details my investigation.


January 11th, 2017|Direct Mail|

Review of Bizfi “Claim Funds” Marketing

My small business in New York City receives about a dozen checks in the mail every month. This letter that Bizfi sent me looks like most checks we get:

Bizfi Marketing Letter Check from a customer?? Actually smart or deceptive marketing from Bizfi!

I opened the envelope and there was a check made out to me and my company, from a business that I had never heard of.

Bizfi fake check Fake check from Bizfi to my company for Six Thousand Dollars


July 18th, 2016|Direct Mail|