Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday personal notes - FREEZING COLD 2006 EDITION

me looking scruffy

Hey Nick,
I just wanted to tell you to keep up the hard work. Your attitude is right on the money. Many people don't like their work and can't understand what motivates you. I still work 80 hour weeks without noticing sometimes.


Great post - hope you and yours are well!

To echo Joe, the hard work and investment is yours 100%. There are very few things in life that you can take ownership of. Your hard work is one. I'm very glad to hear you say you enjoy it. It's obvious to anyone that has spoken with your or read your writings that you love what you do - it's contagious.

I'm going to do some research on the hondajet - I've been flying in small planes last few months and they are intruiging.


Your friends aren't encouraging you to try less, they're encouraging you to find balance.

Check out a blog entry titled Discovering Work Life Balance by Brad Feld, the managing director of Mobius Venture Captial. He mentions a few habits he's established like segmenting work and living spaces and concentrating on being present during social situations. He writes, The habits have created a structure for my life that not only encourages but reinforces a healthy work life balance. My work – which used to overwhelm everything else I did – is still a central part of my life. However, it is no longer my singular focus, nor is it the most important thing to me anymore. The balance that I’ve discovered has helped me understand the value of other things, which has made my work and – more importantly – my life - much more rewarding.

I expect that you'll forgive me for breaking your request to keep mum about your work habits.

Your Best Friend,

PS. Did you ever consider that your friends just want to spend more time with you?

Lady Sovereign pretty much rules.

I totally agree with Zach. When I had originally written my comment, I had something in there about knowing that you and your family take plenty of time away from work and take great vacations. I decided to omit it because I figured your friends already knew that about you. I've always seen you as someone who has kept a healthy balance and lead a full life. You are in a unique position working with your family too. If that's changed recently, then you have great friends that are telling you to check your balance.

I have been reading Brad Feld's blog for many months now and his posts about "golden retriever eyes" and keeping a balance in your life resonated with me when I first read them. I discovered about 3 years ago that I was letting work rule my life and took a step back and reevaluated what was important to me. Since then, I discovered what I was missing with friends, family, and that special girl in my life. I still have that entrepreneur's focus when it comes to work, but I make sure it isn't the most important thing even though I enjoy it so much. Sometimes I fall back into my old habits and I trust those closest to me to remind me, just like Feld does, to come back into balance.

So, working hard, but having that balance there is essential. You have great friends like Zach that care about you, so making time for them should be important too.

Hey guys - Great discussion. Can we chat about this on the weekend? I am slammed at work right now!

Just kidding. This is a good discussion. Thanks to Joe and Will and Zach for your thoughts. (And Brian for the SOV affirmation.)

I think my extreme interest in office living stems from an inability to effectively manage indulgences. It is a tested fact that the more concerts that I go to, or the more bars that I hang out at - this behavior only amplifies my other-office interests.

We all want to listen to good music, meet casual friends over drinks, or go rock climbing on a weekday. But I tend to be much happier investing my productive time into enterprise.

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